Gift cards

A gift certificate is a preliminary payment, which makes it possible to purchase the goods for the amount equivalent to its face value. Choosing a gift for a special someone is always a great responsibility, especially, when it comes to clothes. You may confuse sizes, pick a wrong colour or something else may happen. But you really want the gift to be enjoyable and suitable for your loved one in all respects. We had decided to help you and developed the branded gift cards with a unique design. Present a certificate for Peresvit products and be sure your gift will be duly appreciated. A gift certificate for Peresvit branded goods is a gift that always delivers.

After deciding upon the certificate’s face value, just fill in the form below and save your precious time for choosing a gift. A gift certificate may be delivered worldwide.

You also can purchase a gift certificate at our office after filling in the form.

You buy all certificates at a face value, which is equal to their retail cost.

The certificate is valid for 3 months from the purchase date.


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